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Technology impacts all of us everyday in ways we sometimes don’t yet recognize. Ensuring that the technology we rely on is built with equity, inclusion, and respect is critical to building a better world for future generations.

The Tech For Good movement began in 2018 with the signing of the Tech For Good declaration. It’s a document relevant for all organizations that develop, implement and make use of technology. It is a living declaration built to create an ongoing dialogue between all Canadians about the meaning of Tech for Good, a set of guiding principles that all aspiring organizations can follow to create and use technology for the good of humanity and of the planet that sustains us.

Today, those words are guiding governments, businesses, and organizations across Canada to think deeply about how we build and use technology.

To download a PDF copy of the Tech for Good declaration, please click here.


Good AI is to technology what Fair Trade is to coffee and B Corp is to corporations.

The Good AI Coalition is putting the Tech For Good declaration into action to help ensure AI is a positive force for our global economy, society, and environment.

Good AI builds actionable strategies to help Canada’s tech founders to create trustworthy AI, and their customers to identify it.

In an era when tech and trust are like oil and water, artificial intelligence is silently at work, affecting our lives at an exponential rate. With the right partners, the Tech for Good: Good AI Coalition will inform and contribute to the creation of AI standards that guide responsible use of AI, for the benefit of all.


We promise to manage and use your data like we would expect others to use our own. The use and sale of big data is the lifeblood of many advanced technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. We actively consider how this data will affect customers and our communities, and acknowledge that every stakeholder has the right to understand exactly how their data is being used. If that changes over time, we’ll tell you in a way that is simple to understand.


We are committed to taking proactive steps to gain informed consent from individuals using our technology. Emerging technology has the potential to make significant improvements to quality of life, however we believe humans should be given the option to manually override the technology and have the final say. We won’t wait for policy and legislation to create meaningful mechanisms for transparency and consent.


We acknowledge that the commercialization of new technologies will have a significant impact on jobs around the world. We believe that while technology will displace many jobs, it will also create an abundance of new opportunities and jobs. Our organization is steadfast to partner with others to reskill talent to pivot careers and actively build the workforce of the future.


As an organization committed to using tech for good, we recognize our own biases and prejudices can be unconsciously incorporated in the creation and use of technology. We pledge to ask hard questions about our own prejudices, and deliberately incorporate diversity and inclusion into the creation and use of technology to ensure the benefits are accessible to every person, regardless of ethnicity, gender, economic status, age, geographic location, including Indigenous peoples on whose land we often work, live, and play.


Ethics are not just an afterthought, add-on, or checklist to fill out at the end of a project. In all development and use of technology, we will consider the broader social context of our products and services, and make this consideration part of our ethos. This means not only thinking about diversity of race, gender, and class, but also taking into account environmental, social, and psychological impacts. Thinking inclusively is creatively cross-disciplinary; it involves not just the sciences but also the arts.


As emerging technology transforms our world, we pledge to actively collaborate with industry, consumers, governments, academia and society to make better and more ethical decisions. Our loyalty to using tech for good will support government to create new rules, policy and guidance concerning matters of privacy, transparency, inclusivity, accessibility and inequality before they become systemic problems.

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Together we can work to build a living Tech for Good Declaration.
We encourage you to contribute by submitting your suggestions on how we can continue to evolve this declaration, and show your support by adding your name (or company’s name) to our list.

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  1. This is such a timely initiative, and it makes sense for the Canadian Tech Community to be a leader here. I’m looking forward to learning more at the True North Conference at the end of the month.

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for taking the time to review the declaration. We’d be happy to receive any comments on what you would suggest is needed – all comments will inform the ongoing evolution of the declaration.

    Amy Mifflin-Sills
    Tech for Good Team Member
    Manager, Innovation
    Rideau Hall Foundation

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