John Sweeney School’s Innovation Celebration

Classroom board talks about process of innovation
May 08 - 10, 2018 | ---
John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School

During our school Open Houses, we invite you to take part in our Innovation Celebration! We have worked hard to become a community of Innovators and our innovations are showcased at various locations around the school. For more infomation, please see our event flyer.

Rm. 101 – Innovation Gallery Wall inside the classroom
Rm. 102 – Innovation Station, Innovation Tower & Innovations on Display in the classroom
Rm. 103 – Using the books “Not a Box” and “Not a Stick”, students creatively changed an item to something else – on display in the classroom
Rm. 104 – A variety of innovations on Display in the classroom and Innovation Station
Rm. 105 – Innovation Station – posing problems to the students – on display in the classroom
Rm. 106 – Environmental innovations on display in the classroom

Classroom board which talks about Innovation

Primary Classes:
Grade 1s
Rm 107, 108, 109 – Seasonal Innovation Gallery Bulletin Boards and table display in the hallways outside these classrooms
Grade 2s
Rm 214, 213, 110, 111 – Innovations to Improve Homelessness are on display outside each classroom on bulletin boards
Grade 3
Rm 212, 211, Port. D, Port. E (Display in the Library) – We designed innovations of what they think life might be like in the future (in 2040). Letters, focusing on 5 areas: workplaces, homes, communication, transportation, and roles in the family, and innovations will be displayed in the library.

Junior Classes:
Grade 4s – Environmental Innovations will be on display in the Library Tuesday Morning
Grade 5s – The grade 5s were challenged to innovate chairs to fit a desk using recycled household items – Making the world Healthier. These will be displayed in the foyer in front of the Junior bulletin boards.
Grade 6s – Displays on tri-fold boards will highlight the grade 6 student innovations from either the Space unit (SMARTER) or Social Studies unit (KINDER). These will be displayed in the library.

Intermediate Classes:
Grade 7s and 8s – Outside each Intermediate classroom, you will find a display of Judobots, the innovation process followed as well as pictures documenting our journey.

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