Youth Innovation Academy

Girls working on an experiment with balloons together
May 31, 2019 | Surrey, BC

An Incubator for the Next Generation of Ideas as local youth will come together to explore innovation.

Canada’s future as a leader in the global marketplace depends on our ability to engage young people in experiences that capture their imagination, nurture entrepreneurial thinking and foster innovation skills. At the Youth Innovation Academy students will participate in dynamic challenges, interact with mentors and be inspired by local entrepreneurs and innovation leaders.

“A culture of innovation doesn’t happen by accident, but by countless daily acts and sustained efforts over time. It happens because we make it happen. It happens because we believe that to be innovative lies at the heart of what it means to be Canadian. To ask, “How do we do things better?” – and then do just that – is part of the basic makeup of our country” – The Right Honourable David Johnston 28th Governor General of Canada






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