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Project Description

Our company, KardKings, works to fulfill the mission of spreading joy in our community. We planned to do this by creating something that would build happy memories for our customers, so the most prominent idea we thought of was a card game. This game is called ​How Much? ​and it involves a set of 38 activity cards and 2 sets of 6 prices. The purpose of the game is to try to get to know others (or test your knowledge of someone else) by guessing how much they would do each activity for. We carried two different volumes in order to maximize the amount of joy we planned on spreading.

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Meet the Innovator


Grade 10

London, Middlesex County

Instead of thinking outside the box, we decided use the box so we could accomplish our mission. We developed a card game, which we packaged in an appealing white box. Our product is a completely brand new and original game that was specially tested for its efficiency and entertainment. Our company is composed of a particularly quiet group of individuals, however, the management team was amazed to recognize that whenever we played our game, everyone was happy.


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