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At Vi-Tech, our mission is to improve the lives of others, whether it be with our product, V-Shield, or with our local charity efforts. Our goal is to provide a simple and cost-effective solution, that will improve the quality of life for individuals who struggle with the ongoing problem of having to scrape ice and brush snow off of their windshield during the winter season. When it is below zero outside, we do not want you to spend your time in the freezing weather, which is why we are harnessing state-of-the-art vinyl technology materials, to provide you with a quality product that will add convenience to your daily routine, especially on those busy mornings. Essentially, our product is a cover so that you can prepare for the snow beforehand, by putting it on your car before it snows. After the storm, simply take it off and your car will be free of snow and/or ice! All vehicle owners in our community will experience the constant problem of snow, but we hope that with our hard work and best efforts, V-Shield will prove beneficial and enjoyable. While we protect your car from the winter, we will also be pushing to donate a percentage of our profits towards a local charity, so that together, we can keep the people of our community in London warm in the winter.

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Meet the Innovator

Vi-Tech, a JA Company

Grade 12

London, Middlesex County

What is compelling about our proposition, is that our product solves a common and ongoing problem for many individuals during the winter season, which is the issue of having to scrape the ice and brush snow off of your car windshield. It is an issue that a large audience can relate to (all Canadians), and our solution will persuade customers to buy and use our product, either for themselves or for others. It creates value for the customers as well, because of the charity efforts component.


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